After dot matrix laser, the pores become larger. What is the introduction of dot matrix laser

At present, the plastic and cosmetic industry has become more and more developed. Many people pay more attention to plastic and cosmetic surgery. Everyone has different views and different understanding in all aspects, so the parts of the body that need to be cosmetic and plastic surgery are also different, but in the end, they still plan for beauty, so there is nothing wrong, but a common plastic and cosmetic means such as dot matrix laser, It may cause pore enlargement after doing it, and there are some side effects. Let’s take a look at dot array laser pore enlargement. How should we care?

After dot matrix laser, the pores become larger. What is the introduction of dot matrix laser

Don’t array laser is mainly used to treat the wrinkles and relaxation of the skin, as well as some wrinkles left during pregnancy, or the skin becomes unsmooth. These problems are poverty alleviation through the method of dot array laser. However, while smoothing the skin, it is inevitable that the pores of the skin will become larger due to pulling. At this time, we don’t have to worry.

At ordinary times, we can conduct local beauty on the skin to make the pores of the skin shrink slowly. However, the specific beauty methods also need to be judged according to the type of cortex the individual’s skin belongs to and the type of skin the skin itself belongs to. What kind of method is best to use to shrink the pores. We must not use some essential oils or some means casually, which may cause side effects, Affect the skin.

After dot matrix laser, the pores generally become larger. You don’t have to worry. You can go to the hospital to consult the doctor. Sometimes the pores become larger because the treatment course is not reached. You can go to a regular hospital to do dot matrix laser. After sticking to it for a period of time, you can see the repair effect on pores. Generally, the repair of pores takes about 3 to 5 times, It is mainly to repair the imperfections of pores and skin.

At present, dot matrix laser is a relatively developed technology. In fact, it can be regarded as a small micro shaping. It is not a relatively large one. There will be no signs of bleeding or uncomfortable reaction. We all need to pay attention to these. Generally, after dot matrix excitation, or in terms of precautions, everyone has different views, which need to be understood clearly.