Application of ultra pulsed CO2 lattice laser

Human epidermis is thicker at the age of 20, and then gradually becomes thinner. In the old age, the granular layer can shrink to disappear, and the survival time of spinous cells is shortened. Epidermal nuclear division increases, so melanin also increases, so that the skin color of the elderly is mostly brown black. As aging cells adhere to the cuticle of the epidermis, the skin surface will harden and lose luster.

The dermis is thicker at the age of 30, and then gradually thinner with atrophy. The reduction of subcutaneous fat and the change of elastic fibers and collagen fibers will reduce the elasticity and tension of the skin, which further leads to skin relaxation and wrinkles.

In the process of aging, the role of skin care products we use is a drop in the bucket, so how can we improve our aging face? Carbon dioxide lattice laser is a good choice.

1、 Application of carbon dioxide laser

Carbon dioxide laser is a traditional laser, but the traditional laser does not have lattice mode, so it needs a long recovery period. The side effects such as color sink, scar, infection, redness and swelling after inflammation are obvious.

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