Can you apply eye cream after ultrasonic knife

  1. Can you apply eye cream after ultrasonic knife

After the ultrasonic knife is finished, it is forbidden to wash your face with water within two days and avoid using irritating skin care products. Therefore, it is best not to apply eye cream after the ultrasonic knife is finished.

After finishing the ultrasonic knife, we must do a good job in moisturizing and nursing. We can cooperate with the doctor’s advice to use the products that help the recovery after the ultrasonic knife. After the ultrasonic knife is finished, it is necessary to avoid entering and leaving the high heat environment, such as hot spring, sauna, etc., as well as the extremely cold environment, so as not to affect the therapeutic effect of the ultrasonic knife.

After ultrasonic knife treatment, slight redness and some tingling may occur, which are normal phenomena. Those seeking beauty do not have to worry too much. Generally, they will disappear within 2-3 days, and follow the doctor’s advice to care for the treated parts of ultrasonic knife. Do not massage and hot compress without authorization.

  1. Precautions before ultrasonic scalpel operation

2.1. Three days and one week before treatment, try not to be exposed to the sun and do not use exfoliating products, such as scrub and exfoliating cream.

2.2. Please inform the doctor in advance if filling substances such as hyaluronic acid, child face needle and PrP are injected before treatment!

2.3. Ultrasonic scalpel is not suitable for everyone. It is not suitable for pregnant women, serious cardiovascular diseases, open wounds or lesions, severe cystic acne, serious skin diseases at the treatment site and abnormal immune system function.

  1. Nursing precautions after ultrasonic scalpel operation

Postoperative care (3 days): please avoid going to high-temperature places within three days after treatment, such as spa, sauna, barbecue, etc., so as to reduce unnecessary irritation to the skin.

Postoperative care (1 weeks): after treatment, it can wash your face, maintain and put on makeup. Because skin has a short dry condition, you can use some moisturizing products. But notice that you don’t need to apply facial mask for the first few days. Besides, avoid alcohol, acid, exfoliating and other irritant skin care products, avoid ice compress and do imported beauty to maintain heat treatment.

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