Harm of lattice laser and side effects of lattice laser

Dot matrix laser is a popular skin beautifying project now, especially for friends with spots and acne marks on their faces. However, it is a medical beauty project after all, and there must be some risks. Let’s learn about the side effects of dot matrix laser.

Side effects of lattice laser

1 dry skin

In the process of dot matrix laser treatment, the waste cuticle of the epidermis will be stripped off, which will affect the water locking function of the skin. At the same time, due to the photothermal effect, the temperature of the epidermis will rise and the evaporation of water will accelerate, so the skin will feel dry and tight.

2 temporary peeling

Dot matrix laser treatment will help remove the waste cuticle, so in the short term after treatment, the aging and necrotic tissue will naturally fall off and be replaced by new healthy skin. Peeling is like the reaction after the sun, but there will be no pain.

3 temporary pigmentation

Depending on the degree of treatment, the skin will appear 3-14 days, and the temporary skin color will deepen, which is generally bronzed. It may take 3-6 months to completely restore the natural skin color.

Harm of lattice laser and side effects of lattice laser

Risks of lattice laser

  1. Exudate bleeding

Dot matrix laser treatment is to use laser to evenly punch tiny holes on the skin, so as to form three areas of thermal stripping, thermal coagulation and thermal effect in the skin layer. If the operation is not appropriate, there may be wound exudation and bleeding.

2 facial burns

The dot matrix laser can automatically fine tune the characteristics of spot diameter and density to make the energy evenly distributed. However, if the operation is wrong, it may also cause excessive local heat and cause facial burns.

3 wound infection

After receiving dot matrix laser treatment, the facial skin will have wounds invisible to the naked eye, but bacteria can enter. If the instruments are not thoroughly disinfected during the operation and the post-operative care is improper, there is also a risk of wound infection.

4 redness, swelling and pain

Dot matrix laser treatment will cause slight damage to the skin. After treatment, there will usually be redness, swelling and pain of the skin. However, due to the slight damage, the symptoms of redness, swelling and pain will generally disappear within 24 hours.

Harm of lattice laser and side effects of lattice laser

What are the advantages of dot matrix laser

Compared with traditional laser treatment, dot matrix laser has a wider range of clinical use. It can be used to treat skin problems such as youth acne marks, small wrinkles, skin aging, chloasma, coffee spots, large pores, dull and so on. Especially for youth acne marks, it has obvious therapeutic effect. Clinical use has proved the extraordinary effect of dot matrix laser, an ultra minimally invasive, safe and fast laser beauty and skin changing system, which can fade acne scars step by step, Restore smooth and delicate skin.

Harm of lattice laser and side effects of lattice laser

Precautions after dot matrix laser

  1. Keep the wound clean

After dot matrix laser treatment, the skin will have small wounds invisible to the naked eye, which will generally heal within 24 hours. During this period, keep the wound clean and try not to touch dirty water to avoid wound infection.

2 Ice sedation

After dot matrix laser treatment, the skin will have slight redness, swelling and pain. Ice compress with ice bag can shrink blood vessels and stop bleeding, calm the skin, help reduce swelling and relieve pain.

3 pay attention to sunscreen

Ultraviolet rays will accelerate skin aging and stimulate melanin secretion. After receiving laser dot matrix treatment, the skin’s ability to resist external damage will be reduced. Exposure to the sun will cause greater damage to the skin, and it is easy to leave scars and affect tissue repair.