How long can you restore normal skin color after dot matrix laser? 3 notes to keep in mind

Dot matrix laser beauty can effectively remove stretch marks and scars, alleviate uneven radiation and freckles, but there may be short-term pigmentation after treatment, which generally takes a certain time to restore the skin color to normal.

How long does it take to restore normal skin color after dot matrix laser?

The dot matrix laser will make some small wounds on the patient’s skin. The wounds are very small and can hardly be seen by the naked eye. By squeezing and regenerating to remove the old tissue of the epidermis, it can reshape the collagen of the dermis and promote the regeneration of the skin, so as to make the skin more compact, improve the color spots and help fill in the scars. During treatment, small matrix white spots will appear at the part penetrated by the laser, the epidermis will slowly heal within 8 hours, the skin clip at the white spot will fall off within 7 days, and the skin will return to normal. In addition, the epidermis will regenerate within 24 hours after laser treatment, and the internal collagen regeneration takes 6 months. Generally, it takes 3 ~ 6 months to return to the normal skin color.

What should we pay attention to after dot matrix laser?

  1. Keep the wound clean and hygienic

After dot matrix laser, some small wounds will appear on the skin, which will generally heal within 24 hours. During this period, keep the wound clean and hygienic, and do not touch dirty water to avoid wound infection. In addition, there will be slight redness, swelling and pain on the local skin. Ice pack can be used for ice compress, which can shrink blood vessels and stop bleeding. At the same time, it can also improve the skin and help reduce inflammation and pain.

  1. Do a good job in sunscreen

Ultraviolet radiation will accelerate the aging of the skin and stimulate the secretion of melanin. After the laser dot matrix treatment, the ability of the skin to resist the virus is reduced, and it is easy to leave scars, which affects the local tissue repair. In addition, try not to make up within a month, because cosmetics will contain chemicals and heavy metals, which is easy to let substances enter the wound, thus affecting the healing of skin tissue.

  1. Strengthen water replenishment

After the dot laser, the cuticle of the skin will be damaged, and the ability of shrinking will be reduced. Plus the local temperature is higher, too much moisture evaporates, and the skin will become dry and tight. After the treatment, water should be replenished in time, drink plenty of water or use water replenishing mask.


After receiving the dot matrix laser, the wound will heal slowly, and the scab generally takes about 7 days to fall off. You can’t pick it directly with your hand, otherwise it will tear the wound, affect its recovery speed, and leave scars. During this period, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, which are rich in minerals and vitamin C, which can help the regeneration of cells. Avoid eating sweets and spicy food, and avoid drinking strong tea and coffee.

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