Introduction of dot matrix laser after nursing

1、 Nursing methods of dot matrix laser

Dot matrix laser is the latest and hottest skin beauty technology in the past two years, and it is also the latest skin beauty technology most concerned by the global skin industry. Dot matrix laser acne removal technology is superior to similar products in scar removal, especially in the treatment of proliferative scars, acne scars and stretch marks. Milestone patented technology and the application of dot matrix laser make laser scar removal more safe and effective. Each treatment takes only tens of minutes and does not affect work, study and life. Not only that, dot matrix laser also has excellent performance in acne, wrinkle and freckle removal.

Introduction of dot matrix laser after nursing

Nursing precautions after dot matrix laser acne removal:

  1. The treatment site is very sensitive to sunlight after operation. Direct sunlight should be avoided within 3 ~ 6 months after operation, and protection work should be done to improve the treatment effect.
  2. There is no need to apply ointment after the scab falls off, but the skin at the treatment site is fragile, so sunscreen measures should be taken. Sunscreen with SPF value of more than 15 should be used to avoid UV damage.
  3. Aspirin and alcohol are strictly prohibited. Do not squeeze, press, touch or rub the treatment surface.
  4. Fasting photosensitive food and photosensitive drugs after laser acne removal, and fasting food for sensitive skin that will cause skin allergy.
  5. Careful hydration: after laser acne removal, the absorption capacity of the skin is enhanced and the metabolism is accelerated. Some patients may have dry skin and lack of water. Therefore, skin care must be taken after operation to supplement sufficient moisture and nutrition.
  6. Follow the doctor’s advice after acne removal.

2、 Is there any taboo with dot matrix laser

Dot matrix is only a laser emission mode. The dot matrix laser is equipped with a special image generator (CPG), which changes the light emission mode. The dot matrix laser can emit 50 light through the high focus mirror μ m-80 μ M, and scan these focal spots into up to 6 kinds of rectangular patterns (circle, square, rectangle, diamond, triangle and linear), which are suitable for the treatment of different parts and different skin types respectively.

The image generator (CPG) disperses the originally gathered light spots into dozens to hundreds of smaller focal spots, that is, a small amount of thermal damage is separated, so that the normal tissue between thermal damage is not affected. This part of the skin can be used as a thermal diffusion area to avoid possible side effects such as thermal damage, and promote the healing process of the skin. In this way, it can reduce the heat damage of one-time treatment to the skin, ensure the effectiveness of treatment, reduce the pain of patients, and enable patients to recover daily life in a shorter time.

Although dot matrix laser acne removal has many advantages, it is not suitable for everyone. If your situation belongs to one of the following, experts do not recommend you choose this method.

  1. Scar constitution;
  2. Severe diabetes and hypertension;
  3. Emotional instability or high expectations for treatment;
  4. Active vitiligo and psoriasis, systemic lupus erythematosus;
  5. Pregnancy or lactation;
  6. Light allergy;
  7. Those who have undergone chemical exfoliation, grinding and other skin replacement;
  8. Recent use of retinoic acid drugs;
  9. Patients who are unwilling to receive sunscreen and grinding risk after operation;

3、 What are the advantages of dot matrix laser

  1. Full power

Compared with the traditional laser, the dot matrix laser has stronger power. It can go directly to the deep dermis of human facial skin, stimulate the damaged part of the dermis to repair, make the dermis produce more collagen and rearrange, and play the effect of rejuvenation.

  1. Magical healing does no harm

The dot matrix laser adopts the dot matrix laser system. Using the ablation effect of the laser on the tissue, micro holes with a diameter of 120-1200 microns can be made on the skin with a spacing of 500 microns. These micro holes can be closed within one day after treatment, which is difficult to see with the naked eye, and there are few seepage, bleeding and infection.

  1. Personalized treatment plan can be customized

Dot matrix laser can customize personalized treatment scheme according to individual needs. During treatment, the diameter and depth of micropores can be adjusted. Among all lasers, only the treatment range of lattice laser can be adjusted by 5-100%, and a single treatment can produce significant curative effect.

  1. National security certification

Due to the strong penetration and less trauma of the dot matrix laser, it ensures the uniform coverage of the dot matrix micropores and avoids the overlap of light spots. Therefore, it is the most suitable laser for comprehensive treatment, so that your skin can quickly restore a smooth image.

Days, the skin can recover

During treatment, the part directly penetrated by the laser forms a matrix of small white spots. The skin around these dots will immediately start the horizontal repair mechanism, and the epidermis will completely heal within 8 hours, so you can wash your face and take a bath. In about 3-6 days, the scab at the small white spot falls off and the skin returns to its normal appearance. The internal collagen regeneration can last up to 6 months or even 6 years.

4、 What are the advantages of lattice laser

Wrinkle removal operation

1、 Before the dot matrix laser wrinkle removal treatment, the machine needs to be preheated for 20 minutes. At this time, the beautician will do the necessary skin care for you and clean the facial skin.

2、 Before the dot matrix laser wrinkle removal treatment, you will wear a protective eye mask. The doctor will adjust the treatment parameters and laser energy according to your skin condition, and then irradiate the light emitted by the laser on the wrinkled skin.

3、 Dot matrix laser wrinkle removal treatment does not need anesthesia, no cooling glue, no pain. The treatment lasted about 20 minutes, which was very easy.

4、 Dot matrix laser wrinkle removal should actively cooperate according to the requirements of doctors, without fear of anesthesia, and discuss with doctors according to their own tolerance. Build confidence. After laser wrinkle removal, the doctor’s advice and treatment should be carefully implemented and done as required to prevent the occurrence of complications. Even if there are complications, there is no need to panic, we should actively cooperate with the doctor and deal with them in time, and strive to recover as soon as possible.

Wrinkle removal advantages

  1. Dot matrix laser can quickly improve the skin quality, tighten the skin, improve the coarse pores, and make the skin as smooth and tender as water. This technology is the perfect clinical combination of various modes of laser cosmetology department, and the international leading wrinkle removal and rejuvenation technology;
  2. Dot matrix laser can effectively avoid side effects such as thermal injury, promote the healing process of skin, and restore daily activities in a shorter time;
  3. Ultra pulse micro bridge lattice laser has advanced laser beauty to a new level. Doctors can use their unique functions and artistic comprehensive treatment. One treatment can meet the unique beauty needs of beauty lovers;
  4. Ultra pulse micro bridge dot matrix laser fills the shortage of treatment technology that takes a long time in the recovery period, and takes into account the detailed requirements of each patient. Adopting a single artistic comprehensive treatment can more accurately manipulate the clinical and cosmetic effects, achieve more obvious and accurate results, and shorten the recovery time.

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