Nursing of nose after dot matrix laser

At ordinary times, many people like to squeeze their nose, which leads to the emergence of rosacea. The nose of patients with rosacea is usually red, and the pores are still very thick. With the continuous development of medical technology, now laser treatment can help you solve this problem. When we finish the dot matrix laser of our nose, it will scab. We’d better not pick the scab with our hands.

What should we pay attention to after nose dot matrix laser

  1. After the nose dot matrix laser, patients with scabs need to wait for these scabs to fall off naturally. This is the same reason as when the melon is ripe. If we don’t scab well, we can remove the scabs by hand, which may affect the recovery of the affected skin. At that time, the affected skin hasn’t fully healed. We need to be patient to wait for scabs and fall off by ourselves.
  2. For the dot matrix laser of nose, it is better to go to a regular hospital for treatment. The quality and medical technology of doctors in regular hospitals are relatively good, which is worthy of our trust, because some people suffer from rosacea, and the ideal effect cannot be achieved by laser treatment alone. Don’t use the wrong method, which is easy to lead to serious consequences.
  3. After dot matrix laser surgery, eat some light things in your diet, eat less food containing pigment, and contact a small amount of spicy or irritating food. In addition, do not contact water when you finish the affected part of the laser. If there are blisters after laser surgery, patients need not worry too much. This is a normal phenomenon. As long as the blisters are not punctured, infection will not occur.

In short, after dot matrix laser surgery, we must pay more attention to the nose and know more about the precautions after dot matrix laser surgery. At present, the application of laser in beauty is still relatively extensive. When you choose a medical institution for surgery, you must choose carefully. Don’t choose some beauty studios. It’s best to go to a regular hospital for laser surgery. I hope the above content will be helpful to you.