Precautions for scabbing and itching after dot matrix laser

In daily life, few people will use dot matrix laser. Dot matrix laser can be used to remove tattoos and birthmarks! If you need to remove the birthmark, you can choose this removal method. Laser removal of the birthmark is charged according to the area, and it takes several courses of treatment to completely remove the birthmark. During this period, it takes three months to continue the next operation.

Precautions for scabbing and itching after dot matrix laser

When we carry out the dot matrix laser, we will apply anesthetic to your surgical site in advance. The anesthetic needs to be applied for more than half an hour. Although the anesthetic has been applied to the surgical site, it will still hurt a little when we carry out the dot matrix laser! That feeling is like pricking one’s own skin with a small needle. It’s dull and painful. It’s still within the range that people can bear because of the anesthetic.

After the operation, you need to apply ice. After the ice is applied to reduce swelling and stop bleeding, you can leave the hospital. You’d better buy a ointment for the recovery of human skin tissue, which can speed up the healing speed. When the next day, blisters will be formed. Let the blisters subside by themselves. Without man-made damage, scabs will form on the laser part within a week. Scabs and itching after dot matrix laser is a normal phenomenon. You must not scratch with your hands, which will buckle the scabs down and affect the effect of recovery. When you feel itchy, you can scratch the skin without laser. Can ease a little. Next, let’s talk about the precautions of dot matrix laser.

Precautions for dot matrix laser: 1. The skin after dot matrix laser cannot touch water, which will inflame the wound and affect the operation effect.

  1. During this period, you need to eat less dark food. Soy sauce, vinegar and oyster sauce will aggravate the pigment of the surgical site.
  2. Scab after dot matrix laser must be dropped by itself. Don’t remove it with your hands!

Scabbing and itching after dot matrix laser is a normal phenomenon, which is the healing and recovery of damaged skin. When we have patients who have done dot matrix laser, we must take a good look at the precautions of dot matrix laser. Don’t affect the effect of laser because of your negligence. If you want to remove the birthmark with dot matrix laser, you can go to the local hospital for consultation.