The scar becomes larger after dot matrix laser. Postoperative nursing of dot matrix laser

Everyone wants to have smooth skin, but in daily life, due to the influence of various factors, bumps will inevitably occur, so it is easy to cause scars. However, with the development of medical technology, there are more and more methods to remove scars, and dot matrix laser is one of them. Therefore, we should know more about lattice laser, which will be of great help to our daily life.

So what’s the matter with the scar getting bigger after dot matrix laser? People with scars on the body can regenerate the skin after dot matrix laser treatment, so as to eliminate scars. However, if you do not pay attention to nursing after treatment, or the doctor does not operate properly during treatment, it is easy to make the scar bigger. Therefore, before treatment, we must choose regular and qualified institutions for scar removal, and pay attention to postoperative care, so as to get the best scar removal effect.

The postoperative nursing of dot matrix laser is very important. After dot matrix laser treatment, the treated parts often have skin redness, swelling and itching, which is a very normal phenomenon, and don’t worry too much. You can’t pick these parts with your hands, otherwise it is easy to cause infection. Within 24 hours after operation, the treatment site cannot be washed with enough water, and it is best not to exercise violently before the pricking skin falls off, so as to avoid infection caused by massive sweating.

There are many dietary taboos after dot matrix laser treatment. After treatment, patients should mainly eat light and digestible diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and supplement enough vitamins. Try to eat less spicy and irritating food, especially hair and seafood, which may cause skin allergy and affect the healing of the wound. And eat more high calorie and high protein foods to maintain a balanced intake of nutrition.

In short, when we choose scar removal institutions, we must choose large formal hospitals and cosmetic institutions, rather than go to small roadside clinics because of greed, which is likely to increase scars due to non-standard treatment. After treatment, you should also pay attention to good care. Don’t eat spicy and stimulating food. Before the scab falls off, you’d better not do strenuous exercise. When you go out, you should pay attention to sunscreen, so as to get the best treatment effect.