What is the effect of dot matrix laser acne removing printing?

Youth is full of passion, but it is also full of troubles, especially those acne that erupted overnight, which will not only make the delicate face suddenly lose color, but also leave acne pits and scars that are difficult to fade if the treatment is not timely or handled correctly. In fact, even after puberty doesn’t mean you can completely get rid of acne. Adult acne is even more painful. Youth is long gone, but acne is still stubborn on the face.

What is dot matrix laser acne removal?

Dot matrix laser acne removal refers to the use of dot matrix laser to remove acne pits and marks. The inflammatory reaction caused by acne is the most critical factor in the formation of acne scars in youth. With the different severity and depth of inflammatory reaction, the inflammatory reaction causes tissue damage, tissue atrophy and scar formation. After the space defect left by tissue destruction, the concave holes with different shapes and depths are formed. The atrophy of facial dermis to subcutaneous fat further worsens these concave holes. Dot matrix laser acne removing printing applies unique treatment technology, which can penetrate into the skin where Propionibacterium acne is located. Photothermal energy directly refers to the location of Propionibacterium acnes, which can be quickly eliminated. At the same time, it can stimulate a large number of endogenous lymph hyperplasia and quickly sterilize. Thus, the skin will not be injured and leave scars, so that the two-way effect of acne and scar removal is integrated, and the effect is more perfect.

Dot matrix acne effect is good?

The dot matrix acne treatment is harmless. The dot matrix laser system is used to form micropores. These micropores can be closed within one day after treatment. The micropores are difficult to see with the naked eye, and there is little bleeding. Infection is also rare.

The treatment plan can be customized according to individual conditions. The diameter and depth of the micropores produced by the laser can be adjusted when the personalized treatment scheme is customized according to individual needs. A single treatment can produce remarkable results.

The wave force is powerful. Dot matrix mechanism anti acne printing is compared with traditional mechanism laser. Its power is relatively strong. It can go directly to the deep part of the skin and dermis, stimulate the dermal tissue cells in the damaged part to repair themselves, and make the dermis produce collagen, rearrange and have the effect of rejuvenation.

However, it should be noted that after one day of dot matrix laser, 4 times of repair cream is to be painted. Before applying the cream, it is necessary to use the facial milk without acid, soap and treatment. Wash the parts thoroughly with no foam facial milk, then dry all the water with the tissue, then apply the cream.

Second, in order to restore the natural state of skin lines after dot matrix laser acne removal, repair cream must be used according to the doctor’s plan until the skin lines are long.

Third, keep a good mood, avoid excessive worry, and have enough sleep is a good helper for repair.

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