What is the effect of dot matrix laser freckle removal?

People in the middle and old age often have some brown and black spots on their faces, and the large spots can be up to two to three centimeters in diameter. People are used to calling them longevity spots, which are called senile pigment spots in medicine. He has a metabolic pigment composition. In addition to the face, this kind of stain can often be seen on the back of the hand, lower leg, dorsum of the foot and flexor. At present, senile diseases are growing younger, and senile spots can also be seen at the age of 25. According to the actual situation of senile plaques, doctors can use laser or color light instruments for treatment, with definite curative effect and minimally invasive and traceless.

What is a dot matrix laser?

Dot matrix laser therapy. Also known as “flying shuttle laser”, it is a minimally invasive laser technology, which can emit a matrix laser as thin as hair, and can directly penetrate into the dermis in an instant. Instantly vaporize the tissue at wrinkles or scars, send out a strong signal of synthetic collagen, and then start a series of skin reactions such as tissue repair, collagen healing and so on.

Dot matrix laser freckle removal, how about the effect?

Compared with the traditional methods, dot matrix laser freckle removal is an eradicative traditional method. The traditional therapy only works on the skin surface, but can not achieve actual effect. For laser freckle removal, the effect is more obvious. In destructive cases, the treatment effect appears, so we should also pay attention to the repair ability of the skin. While doing laser freckle removal and beauty, take repair factors orally to awaken human body repair and provide essential nutrition for protein collagen fibers. The combination of internal and external interaction can strengthen the beauty effect of organ freckle removal while preventing side effects, and the laser freckle removal is more accurate, which has obvious effects on all kinds of freckles. Its effect is very ideal for nevus of Ota, senile freckles and even tattoos.

Moreover, it can effectively improve the texture of the skin and make the facial skin smooth, delicate and elastic. In addition, it can whiten your skin and eliminate small wrinkles. Comprehensive treatment, break through the limitations of traditional local treatment of local lesions, and make the cosmetic effect uniform to every part of the face. There will be no ugly scars after operation, and then there are no obvious side effects. Generally, it only needs to be treated once or twice. There is no need to be hospitalized for surgery. There is no bleeding in the incision operation, with small wound and no scar.

Wide application range: the focusing micro pixel pulse of dot matrix laser makes the illumination more uniform and the energy more stable. The subdivision of energy makes the range of dot matrix laser freckle treatment wider.

The treatment process is comfortable: the focused micro pixel pulse of the dot matrix laser is called non-invasive skin beautification. It has softer penetration, more uniform energy and more stability. The dot matrix laser freckle treatment process has no discomfort and will not cause skin damage. The new illumination method can solve skin problems more carefully, and the effect of dot matrix laser freckle treatment is more prominent.

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